Trying for random organization!

I want this the pieces on this shawl to look random but still with some sense of order. I hand-dyed merino/silk prefelt to get the orange/pink/yellow color. Hopefully it will turn out well!

A visit!

Yesterday I had a nice visit from Leah Medin, a fellow textile artist. Check out her work here:

Moon over the harbor.

Some inspiration from the moon over the harbor. I'm thinking of making a "moon shawl". I'll post pics if it works out.

It's Now or Never!

I've been an artist for almost all of my life but for security reasons I always worked part or full-time at another job to pay the bills. With the support of my husband I decided to let go of my fear and insecurity (as much as possible!) and to put my artwork front and center. In order to help pay for this big change, I sold my loft in Boston and moved with my husband and Rusty the Wonderdog to the coast of Maine. We found an old farmhouse that has a large room with running water in the back of the house that will be my new, larger studio. I'll be sharing my artistic and life journey here with you week by week. So far, so good... I'm scared but excited which is a good thing! Rusty the Wonder

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