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Learning to Love

My series “Learning to Love” has to do with getting married late in life to a man who passionately loves a particular place in western Maine. Unfortunately, it is a place where the bugs are plenty, the moose go crazy during rutting season and it is not unusual to see temperatures be ten or more degrees below zero in the winter.


I decided to use photography to explore the area and to see what I could do to find my own enthusiasm for Bethel, Maine and its surroundings.


Through my picture taking I am coming to know and appreciate the beauty in the landscape and the simple, austere and sometimes quirky architecture found there. I love the old barns and houses with their simple geometric lines and weathered exteriors.

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JP de Nuit

This work was inspired by Brassai’s Paris De Nuit book.  Brassai was obviously in love with Paris and made this apparent in his pictures. I thought to myself “ Well hell, I’m in love with JP why not photographically explore the idea of Jamaica Plain at night?


I saw much change in the time that I lived in Jamaica Plain: some things were for the better and some for the worse. I tried to capture in this work some of the fleeting scenes that gave me pleasure as I was walking or driving around the place that I called home. Some of this will be gone one day and it will be nice to have a visual record of it: for myself and for others who shared my passion for this little slice of Boston.

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Up on the Roof

It seems to me that everyone is running around these days in a kind of crazy state dictated by cell phones, e-mail, social media and the fast pace of modern life in our country.


As an antidote to all of the chaos I recommend finding a rooftop that one can use to get 
away from it all.   

This series came about as I was running out after work at MIT to jump in my car that was parked on the top of the West Garage. I took a moment to look around and was entranced by the timeless beauty of the urban landscape around me.


The sense of quiet and the open space gave me a feeling of peace that I rarely feel in the city.

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Gardens of Eden

Gardens are an oasis in a culture that keeps speeding up and getting more and more complicated. Plants take time to grow; there’s no rushing them along. They need to be nurtured, protected and admired.


Much time, energy and money is spent for the simple pleasure of viewing the vivid colors and shapes that nature provides.


There is something basic and elemental about growing and looking at gardens, something that feeds the soul. In the words of George Bernard Shaw “The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there”. 

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Peeping Judy

I have always enjoyed walking or driving in the evening and seeing the light in the windows of people’s homes. The light coming from the darkness evokes in my mind perfect scenes inside where all is well; where there is the smell of delicious food cooking, the pillows are soft and comforting, children are being hugged and held by their parents, lovers are passionate yet tender with each other....

There is something about the light coming out of the darkness that is a vehicle for the imagination. The fact that the light is emanating from someone's living space guides the mind in a particular way.

There was one window up on a third floor that I used to walk by frequently imagining all the wonderful scenes inside. It had soft flowing curtains with a little light. I had occasion to meet the person who owned the home. I went up to the room eagerly looking forward to seeing it and found that it was an empty, unfinished attic. Sometimes, it seems, the imagination is a better place to reside.

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